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Download The Snow Queen 3 (2016) [720p] [YTS] [YIFY] Torrent yify torrent 2016

Download The Snow Queen 3 (2016) [720p] [YTS] [YIFY] Torrent yify torrent 2016

The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice


After heroically defeating both the Snow Queen and the Snow King, Gerda still cannot find peace. Her dream is to find her parents who were once taken away from them by the North Wind and finally reunite the family. Thus, Gerda and her friends embark on an exiting journey to find her parents and encounter new challenges along the way: they discover an ancient magical artifact of the trolls, the Stone of Fire and Ice. From that moment on, things don’t go according to the initial plan…Will Gerda be able to tame the mighty forces of the magical elements and get her family back? The answer will be reveled in 2016. This is a story which encompasses everything you love about Wizart: kindness, bravery, friendship, mystery, love of one’s family, and a happy ending, of course!


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The Snow Queen 3 (2016) [720p] [YTS] [YIFY]
The rare gift of getting into all kinds of trouble is their family trait. What else can you expect from the ones raised among trolls in snowy lands…


FORMAT………….: MP4

CODEC…………..: X264

GENRE…………..: Animation / Adventure / Comedy

FILE SIZE……….: 704.93 MB

RESOLUTION………: 1280*536

FRAME RATE………: 23.976 fps

LANGUAGE………..: Russian

RUNTIME…………: 80 mins

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The Snow Queen 3 (2016) [720p] [YTS.PE]

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